Fancy Pants

4277 players

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Game Infomation

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Play Fancy Pants now and prepare yourself for the time of your life as you run, jump, and roll your way to victory and fame!


You play as a spikey-haired, bell-bottom wearing stick figure looking for a little fun and excitement. Using the controls, you can run, jump, roll, and slide your way into multiple levels. Watch out, though! This little stick figure can pick up speed pretty quickly and you may wind up running into some mean looking spiders or cannon shooter! You can only get hurt a few times before Fancy Pants dies! Die three times and its game over for you!

  • Use the S key to jump
  • Use the spacebar key to pause the game
  • Use the Q key to cycle the graphic quality
  • Use the M key to toggle the music on or off